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Climate Leadership is an initiative focused on facilitating dialogue, insights and sustainable solutions to shape India’s climate action pathway.

Technologically, India has large climate action ambitions from scaling up renewable energy sources, reducing emissions from industry and transportation, leveraging its blue economy and biodiversity, achieving net-zero, and strengthening the circular economy.

A key driver of success will be coordination between various government agencies, academia, scientific community, public and private sector. All of these need to work together to implement policies and technologies that ensure sustainable economic growth and social development while also mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Indian Climate Leadership brings together diverse stakeholders to collaboratively identify and implement solutions to the challenges posed by climate change in India. The overarching goal of the convenings is to drive economic progress and India’s priorities while also enhancing the resilience of communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems to the impacts of climate change. It seeks to do this by sharing the findings and recommendations from the various groups with policymakers and government agencies. These are centered on identifying practical solutions, building partnerships, and mobilizing resources and also supporting India’s G20 Presidency.


  • To create relevant and effective contents including white papers and media resources to support India’s G20 presidency initiatives on the identified areas.
  • To facilitate partnerships and collaborations by providing a platform to engage experts, practitioners, policymakers, and media networks to exchange technical information, critical reviews, strategic lessons learnt, and recommendations for innovative solutions for the identified areas. The convenings will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Developing action plans: The outputs from the project can be used to develop action plans that outline specific steps and strategies for building resilience. These plans can be tailored to the needs and priorities of specific communities, sectors or regions and can help guide implementation efforts.
  • To inform thinking and action, the communications surrounding the convenings contribute to the technical and strategic direction of the identified thematic areas.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: The convenings will provide an opportunity to review progress, assess the effectiveness of existing policies and initiatives, and identify areas for improvement and future action.
  • Mobilizing resources: The convenings can be used to mobilize resources to advance India’s priorities.

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